Tamura Super Market Weekly Ad 2016

The Tamura Super Market Weekly Ad, found at www.tamurasupermarket.com/current-ad, is an online ad developed by Tamura to help you save money.

How To Save With The Tamura Super Market Weekly Ad

Saving money is easy with the ad, because you can look for the items that you already want to purchase. If they are on sale, you get the discounted price. If they aren’t on sale, you can consider purchasing them anyway or hoping they go on sale next week.

How To Keep Updated With The Tamura Super Market Weekly Ad

If you want to keep updated with the website and ad, you can check out their blog to read helpful information and tips for your daily life. While they don’t offer an email subscription, you can always bookmark the page so you can return to new ads each week.

However, you may also want to share, tweet, pin, print or email the page to yourself. Click the appropriate buttons on the main weekly ad page to do so. You can also like the page, telling others that you enjoy shopping there because of all the great deals they offer, though you aren’t required to do so.


  1. Go to www.tamurasupermarket.com/current-ad.
  2. You will be brought to the newest ad immediately. The dates will be shown, above the thumbnail pictures of the ad.
  3. Click on the first page to view that page, taking note of any specials you want to buy.
  4. There is no shopping list associated with this ad, so you’ll have to write down the items you want or print each page to mark the items you want.
  5. Click the arrow to move through the pages. To go back to the main page, press ESC from the keyboard.
Current Tamura Super Market Weekly Ad

Weekly Ad: Valid Dates: September 20 – October 4, 2016 (Click Here)