IGA Guy Weekly Ad 2018

The IGA Guy weekly ad, found at www.Igaguy.com/onlineweeklyads, is an online ad developed by IGA that can help you save money. Sometimes, you can receive the ad delivered in your mail or in the newspaper, but it can be difficult to ensure that all potential customers receive the ad, so they placed it online so that anyone can view it.

How to Save with the IGA Guy Weekly Ad

Every person wants to save money, but it is quite shocking to know that companies want to help. They want to encourage people to shop at their stores, so they lower prices periodically to help attract new customers and keep their current ones.

How to Keep Updated with the IGA Guy Weekly Ad


  1. Go to www.igaguy.com/weekly-ads.
  2. Read any pop-ups about other contests and interests; if you prefer to do any of them, follow the directions. Otherwise, click the “X” in the corner and continue to step 3.
  3. Scroll down and view all of the pages of the ad. There could be many. You can click on any page to view the information. Most of the ad information is shown to the right with large pictures to view easily.
  4. If you would like to see an ad for your specific store, you will need to create a login and then login.
  5. You may also download the ad into a PDF file and view it offline anytime you wish.
  6. There are bright red buttons that say “Add to grocery list”. You can click these buttons and it will automatically be placed on an online grocery list. However, you must log in to your account before doing this.
  7. When you have finished going through the ad and adding items to the grocery list, you can print the list.

Current IGA Guy Weekly Ad

Weekly Ad: Valid Dates: November 28 – December 04, 2018 (Click Here)